Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today, with one final stop in Lafayette, we complete our homecoming tour of Indiana.  Tomorrow, we hitch up the wagon and hit the dusty trail (I-70) out west, to the city of fountains, George Brett, and the best barbecue in the country (don't even bring that North Carolina nonsense around here).  It's been super fun catching up with everyone but we're also super excited to get back into something resembling a normal rhythm of life.  There are only so many gin and tonics one can drink before one longs for the comforting embrace of a day job.  It sounds strange and I know I'm going to feel differently in the future but right now five straight days of work sound pretty alright.

Over the weekend we attended a wedding that was pretty much the perfect last Indiana hurrah.  We get to see (almost) all of our close friends, even some that live far away.  We got to partake in some of our favorite activities, including drinking whiskey, watching Dustin dance, singing along, cussing into a microphone, euchre, fire-building, eating pizza rolls, and sleeping with another person in a twin bed.  It was pitch perfect.

Anyway, this is really just a placeholder update to keep the blog warm.  I plan on keeping it at least semi-current, even though the title of the blog no longer makes sense.  Come see us in KC, y'all.